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Playstation Cheat Code Help

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I don't really know if this forum is the right place to ask, but i'll give it a shot:

I've been looking for Love Hina cheats (For the PS1 game) recently, and I found a couple, which made me... well, happy i guess. BUT! The cheats written down there were like this:

All albums Photo's
D00A242C 0008
800A2480 0001
D00A242C 0008
800A2482 2404

So the question here is: Is this a code that should be written into a gameshark mod-chip or something like that? Or into a special emulator? Or perhaps i have to enter a debug mode? And if so, is there any PSX emulators who can do this?

Since the games does not have such long cheat sequences... heck, I even tried to look at the original site without luck. :rolleyes:

It's all in Japanese, but in case somebody wants to look: yƒ`[ƒgƒR[ƒh‚̃TƒCƒgzCode Change :eyemove:
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I don't get it.

If you want to use cheatcodes on ePSXe, there's a little software for that check this > .: PSX Emulation Cheater :.

But if you want to use your actual PSX; you need an Action Replay to put your codes.
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