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I'm wondering, I saw an operating system for DC called Linux and I noticed that it could play XMAME-X11 or SDL version of it on the Linux for Dreamcast. I went to VisualBoy Advance's site and saw a Linux and SDL files of VBA for Linux!<--
The same goes w/ Stepmania, who provide stepmania for Linux with it working ill the cd layout for the emulator and games look?

Will it be like:

/[VBA SDL/Linux source codes--emulator files]

and the saves would save on the memorycard for dreamcast? I'm confused...

email me your reply at [email protected]

I want to play stepmania on Dreamcast!!!

The Hunter
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Well the only thing I can say is "try and see".

My thoughts on this:
Linux might take a lot of recourses or at least some when emulated onto the DC. When you want to run a game on an emulated version of Linux I think it will take an impact on framerate. Add to that that they are already porting a GBA emu to the DC, which is able to run homebrew games already at nice speed and quality IIRC, I think running VBA on Linux on DC might be a bit..... doing it the difficult way why it isn't needed.

For the other game: You can always try it, the only thing you can lose is a cd-r.

Hint: When you create the disc with game do not close the last session, so you can create a multisession disc. This way you can use the disc another time when you want to test some homebrew games or want to burn some ROMS but don't want use a new disc.
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