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Playing and Pre-Order?

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I seen this thread before but I'm curiouse what you guys are playing now and/or have on pre-order?

Right now I'm playing Resident Evil 4 which rocks and going to pre-order xenosaga 2 tommorow.
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Currenty Playing:
Phantom Brave
Onimusha 2 (man the camera sux in this game)
NBA Live 2005 (the slam dunk contest rocks :D)
Rachet and Clank : Up your Arsenal (challenge mode)
Sid Meiers Pirates! (i love this game)
Yes, I know, this is a good game, I pre-ordered 2, one for my gaming pleasure, and the other well a collectors items and maybe a good wad of cash when I am in my deathbed for my future gaming generations

is Growlanzer a RPG? never heard of it.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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