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Well what do we have here... I made a patch a while ago to patch your memory card files to play LOM (Legend Of Mana) with bleem! Why you may ask? well bleem plays LOM fine (from what ive played) but it saves an incorrect header for the Memory Card file... thus a bad save, game over, do not collect $200...

I donno if bobbi remembers (heffe) messaging him about this a while ago...(about a year ago) Im afraid this patch may be lost to the fate of time... (my website may be closing... sees yahoo doesnt like my traffic... 0 hits in many days...) so i havent got around to it but id like this tool to find a home with hey if it helps someone enjoy another game for 39.99 and no updates i think its worth it...

Please post if its useful or if you just want to make me feel better :0)

[email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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