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Well folks it has been approximately 4 weeks since I posted first news for this movie.And now there are some news which I want to tell you all!
Just today I finished one big and long part of the movie,even thought that through this 4 weeks I lost every nerve when I was watching on every single frame!:cool:
Anyway,today I finished one very interesting part,and the music I put for it is great!I just watched that part again 1 hour ago and I can tell you that it rocks!The duration of the movie FOR NOW is about 1 hour and 34 minutes.The duration will increase after I finish the movie of course.

Anyway probably many of you are wondering what the movie really is about...Well the movie's name title already speaks for it's self.
The characters...Well the movie characters are not really defined.There are no any defined characters...Ok this will probably sound weird,but the characters are ALL people on this planet.Sounds trange I know,but it will all make sense after watching the entire movie.
This movie is not like other movies that you borrow in traffics,it's more like the movie that shows the truth and possible future.
Music...Well here I lost most of my time.It was really hard to find the musics that are good and which are ALSO GETTING ALONG with every minute of the movie.
Movie I lost all my nerves I admit.I needed to cut MANY bad scenes and also watch on every single frame.Does this part get along with that part,does that part get along with the part on the end and so on.....
I lost hours and hours on that.:D
Movie text...Well this is the movie where you will not hear any talking between the people.Instead you will have a slide show which will be showing the text and pictures.Ohh by the not worry about the slow slide show or anything like that.Most of the movie is going to be the video and not just text and pictures.That's boring I admit.

Ok now about the movie's plot:
As I said in my previous post,the movie will show the past,present and the very possible future of the planet Earth.Again I am saying that I do NOT recommend this movie for those people younger then 14 years.The movie will have violent scenes which may not be good for small kids.
Anyway I don't really want to explain the entire plot of the movie because it will then not be interesting to watch.
For those who are wondering,the movie file will be in WMV format so it should work in most of the DVD players.

For all those who still remember those super-crapy videos I made long time ago,PLEASE TRY TO FORGET THAT LOL!THIS WILL BE 95% BETTER!

There are many musics in the video because there are many different scenes and I also have to warn that those people who have weak nerves,SHOULD ALSO NOT WATCH THIS!Some scenes are very sad,some scenes are violent and some scenes are very nice(the beginning of course).Those who have PTSP syndrom,I do NOT recommend this movie!!!

Anyway the POSSIBLE,but not 100% SURE release date is the following:

I will do my best to try to finish the entire movie until that date.If not,then I will let you know.:thumb:

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This better be lulzworthy :p

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Hey S.T.A.R.S i can´t wait for your planet earth video to be rendered on my app but in the mean time i´ve made my planet @ES video too...check this out :p:

Hey nice!I really like these 3D animations.But don't you think it's gotta be a little bit hard to watch the movie while that is spinning all around?....Lol just kidding.:DVery nice anyway!:thumb:

Cool S.T.A.R.S.....a trailer would be meaby more efficient?
Yea you are right.I was thinking wether should I put a two minute trailer or not,but since the movie is going pretty good I thought that maybe I should rather wait until I finish it.Already more then the half of movie is finished so MAYBE I will put the trailer on the internet....MAYBE.This is because I hate trailers lol.Every time when I watch one,as soon as it becomes interesting,the trailer ends:dead:
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