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Hi all,
So here's the deal: I'm trying to get get Arceus on my emulator with this code:

94000130 FCFF0000
62101D40 00000000
B2101D40 00000000
0000B5D4 0000000A
0000B5D8 00000000
D2000000 00000000

The cheat screen will recognize the code and accept it, but when I go back to the main emulator, it will completely crash. I have defeated the Elite Four, caught Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia, gotten National Dex, yadda yadda. Why won't it work, and how can I fix this?

If it's unfixable, I got an Azure Flute from another cheat, one that gives you a lvl. 100 Lucario holding it. The text is as follows:

94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
E00000B4 000000EC
F290E906 B2402B45
AED34C79 70D1810D
DDA878C6 68C5F96A
F25EC616 28D8F233
55E49E03 B1E612F4
7B8184A1 80E7AE68
9F8E0159 6BBFA8D7
FF24C3AC A1584005
97D6E4B6 7641759A
749D8E7C A2638503
C1664872 EA50BA77
76E1F971 D9BAA4A2
76751AA1 B9B277E4
8573F295 7ECB3E39
008D3370 4B7DCD39
6F004CCB 263E7AB7
E9C0D3A7 824039BE
5CF3A723 66CEB564
904C475A B28DFC14
55A16C37 11048A2B
3A895D6B 254BCBAC
A154C6B4 8E24141F
753A8C5F 174C30B8
EDD4640E AC14F8B9
15CD35BB DF308013
08D888FC 1BCFD053
1CE48288 D3EB4BBB
6A8E35F9 00000000
D2000000 00000000

I have the Azure Flute from that, but it won't activate the event at the Spear Pillar, and if I try to manually activate it, Prof. Rowan's annoying-ass monologue/error message shows up. Can I activate the Azure flute without the first code?

Additional information: The event code will not be in the cheat console upon rebooting the emulator. There may be something wrong with the cheat console itself; I just open and close it and the emulator crashes.

Thank you in advance for your assistance,

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Platinum is known to notoriously not accept AR codes on No$. You can use Pokesav to get any Pokemon and item you'll ever need, however.

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For be able to use the PokéSav, convert the save to RAW size (512 kb), and then you can do whatever you want with the save in the PokéSav. ;)
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