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<a href="" target="_blank">Smiff</a> has published his eight beta release of the RDB file for Project64 as well as an updated PJgameFAQ help file. Besure to pay a visit on the original thread <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> he made over <a href="" target="_blank">Emutalk</a>, where this was released, and post any bug you may found. Here are the changes:
  • we've got two games that need thorough testing now:
  • Zelda OoT/MQ</li>
  • F-Zero (or F-ZERO as it now insists on shouting).</li>
» Download: <a href="/files/n64/pj64/download/Project64_RDB&">Project64 RDB 1.6x Beta 8</a>
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