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PJ64 PAL Gameshark codes

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I was wondering if there's anyway to convert these codes from Mickey Speedway USA (PAL) to work on the NTSC US version.

11 Heuey & Frantic Finale
800D3478 00CF
800D3479 0094

12 All other characters, tracks & platinum trophies
50000502 0000
800D3480 0009
50000502 0000
800D3481 0024

13 All cheats, postcards, Pluto's collar & TT levels
800D348B 007F
800D348C 0001
800D348D 00FF
800D348E 0003
800D348F 00C9

Can anyone help me out?

If Codes doesn't work, does anyone know how I can use a game save with Kaillera so I have all secret characters! Please help, we really want to be able to play as our favorite characters online.
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