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I haven't used it on Pj 1.4 but i know that in 1.3 was like this:

Run the game.
Press ESC (If in fullscreen) go to cheats.
Choose the one you want.
Press enable cheat.
Return to game.


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Do you know how to use it now ?

Well if you don't, this is how.

Click on the + on the left hand side to open the Mods.

Double click where the pointer is to open up the sub Menu.

Click on your selection & press ok.

Then Tick the Box on the Left hand side to activate it.

I hope that Helped.

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A Quick Cheat Fix For OOT v1.0 (E) & (U)

BTW: I have just Posted this Quick OOT V1.0 Cheat Fix to paste into the File if anyone wants all Small key,Big Keys, Maps, ect,
For Both (E) & (U)

1st: The (E) Working Codes Quick Fix

Zelda OOT (E) V1.0

Cheat4="Infinite\999 Rupees",80118472 0067,81118404 03E7
Cheat5="Infinite\Small Keys",8011848F 0009,80118490 0009,80118491 0009,80118492 0009,80118493 0009,80118499 0009,8011849C 0009,80118497 0009
Cheat7="Infinite\Big Key,Compass,& Map",80118478 0007,80118479 0007,8011847A 0007,8011847B 0007,8011847C 0007,8011847D 0007,8011847E 0007,8011847F 0007,80118480 0007,80118481 0007,80118482 0007

Please paste them into your File (In the Right Order Please)

& Now For the (U) Working Codes Quick Fix

Zelda OOT (U) V1.0

Cheat10="Infinite...\Small Keys",8011A68F 0009,8011A690 0009,8011A691 0009,8011A692 0009,8011A693 0009,8011A699 0009,8011A69C 0009,8011A697 0009
Cheat18="Infinite...\Big Key,Compass,& Map",8011A678 0007,8011A679 0007,8011A67A 0007,8011A67B 0007,8011A67C 0007,8011A67D 0007,8011A67E 0007,8011A67F 0007,8011A680 0007,8011A681 0007,8011A682 0007
Cheat49="Infinite...\999 Rupees",8011A672 0067,8111A604 03E7

Again please paste to where the Cheat Number Tells you.
& Make a space to insert Cheat 49 after 48

& Heres To Proove they really Work for you (U) Lovers
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