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Is it possible to delegate economic freedom to authocratic organizations?

Also, isn't freedom relative?

for instance, someone who works at a supermarket is subordinated to the manager, owner or boss. So, would them be free? or just the owner or boss?

We may argue that the individual has chosen wether to be "free" or not, being essentially free the agents of freedom (boss or owner).

Taking in sight the hierarchy, we may say that the "agents of freedom" are the "agents of control". Thus, it is possible to call them "agents of opression".

Wemay deduce, this way, that "freedom" is relative. Thus, to the people ahat operates the environment and other people to their liking.

So, is it possible to determine what "freedom" is?

Also, taking it account the existence of laws and regulations, we may argue that freedom, in it's radical meaning, is non-existant at present time.

So, is the trademarked freedom the choice of what oppression you will submit yourself to? actually, the available oppressions, according to law and other environmental variables.

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Hey, I claim foul play! these is my thread series name!! :p

I'd to discuss freedom in a much more general way. ehemm.. freedom, as you say, is such a relative term that without a proper definition we will be endlessly going around in circles.

In any case, freedom in its most wide sense is something unattainable by any given being.

First there are the psychical restrictions inherent to our very existance. Mass, gravity, inertia, and co. are laws to which we are absolutely bond, with no hope of ever escaping them. As such, our definition of freedom will have to be restricted within the frame of our psychical reality.

Then there are the restrictions inherent to our human nature. As humans, we are vastly inferior to almost any other animal our size in the psychical sense. We are unable to fly by ourselves. We lack psychical strength. We lack speed. We lack the ability to live underwater. These, however, are restrictions that we have been more or less able to surpass thanks to our superior intellect, so in this respect, maybe our battle for freedom goes to our side, even if we are limited (heck, another freedom limitation) by the technology of our time.

However, this have a cost, and that is our restrictions as individuals. We are almost unable to do anything other than surviving if we are completely alone. It is as a group that we are able to surpass most of the trials that life presents us. As human beings, we are bound to our gregarious nature, and as such our freedom is limited to the group we belong to.

Within that group our freedom is further and further limited. The good of the group is normally above my own group, for if I put my own above I will be expelled from the group. I must abide by the code of the group. I most look for the good of the group

And so, and so, and so. We are limited by our genetics. We are limited by our upbringing. We are limited by our conditioning. We are limited by our surroundings. We are limited by ourselves. We are limited by the system. When we arrive to the point we are right now, the number of shackles we have attached surpasses the realm of the countable. Freedom in its truer sense is nothing more than a fancy word. Free will is nothing more than an illusion. Control and controlled are nothing but illusionary positions.

A necesary illusion nevertheless.

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I just want to say something about the boss example. I consider even working for someone being free, why ? you can leave at any time you wish nobody is forcing you to stay and work, you dont like it, quit. Just because he is the boss dont think he has it easy management can be quite a hell of a task, so in a way your objectives are both the same, in other words making money, its just the way you achieve your goals is different as separate individuals (the difference between boss and employee is also in this category the boss distributes/manages while you do your task etc and both of you end up with money as a reward).
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