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Phaste - Cheat Code Trainer for PCSX2

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Get it from the autor's japanese homepage:

As the author doesn't speak english, all texts have been translated by computer software thus resulting in odd english.
Please rtfm carefully before you complain "this and that ain't working".
Where it reads MAX the author means little endian .

Of course it will only work with compatible games that run into actual gameplay.
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Thank you Nachbrenner.
I also registered { emu forum } user. :)

But,only a Japanese version can be downloaded from index2.html.
English ver is..
Please access the address above.

And,the tool was made again with it. (Attention
It's [test version]!)
This tool acquires ProgramCounter and RA Register of realtime.
(The log can be saved.)
It might be able to know the crashing moment.

see you.
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>oops, i corrected the hyperlink
Oh, Very thank you Nachbrenner :)

>Another practical usage is the investigation of compressed ELFs, e.g. "Haven - Call of the king"
>Due to the compression you cannot use the patch system that comes with PCSX2, but with Phaste.
Indeed, It was not thought.
It is very glad to use.
Phaste Ver1.15 released. :)
Fix "Scan pcsx2" bug.
Added "8bit Decrement code". 302000nn aaaaaaaa
Added "16bit Not equal code". D0aaaaaa 0010nnnn

And, Gradius3&4's code(SLPM62007/NTSC)

/L1=DecItemSlot R1=IncItemSLot
D05F4528 00000008
30100001 0100106A
D05F4528 00000004
30200001 0100106A

/Radical good speed!(Max 4x over)
1100102C 00001300
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Incidently, PCSX2 always receives the Pad input. (PADwinKeyb driver only?)
As for the background, comparison PCSX2 receives the input.

1.boot PCSX2
2.phaste [snap pcsx2]
3.Pressing any PAD button...and,phaste [less(or greater)] search.
4.Up any PAD button...and,phaste param [ffff(or 0000)] search.
5.repert 3&4.....

The key code of Gradius3&4 was able to be acquired in this method.
This tool acquires ProgramCounter and RA Register of realtime.
(There is no document manual)

-Content of update
added [Address Adjustment]
It corresponds to the "PCSX2 new version" by the address correction.
1.The debugger is opened and the value of PC is preserved.
2.Inputs it to Editbox in the right of the [<< Adjust ]button.
3.Click on a [<< Adjust ] button.
The value of PC is retrieved, and the index is corrected.

Can you use it with PCSX2 v0.8?
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Oh! very good. :thumb:

Ok, The document manual was made.
I formally released it.

good luck.
Patch of "Z Gundam"

I succeeded in the analysis by using PCSX2GET Ver1.51
(sorry, the bug is included in ver1.50...)

PCSX2GET log is..
0972 : PC[00121c94] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
0973 : PC[00201dac] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
0974 : PC[00121cc8] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
0975 : PC[00121cac] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
0976 : PC[00121c94] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
0977 : PC[00121c98] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
0978 : PC[00201db4] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
0979 : PC[00121cc0] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
0980 : PC[00121ce0] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
In PS2DIS push [J]key and paste 00201db0 (RA).

00201da8 0c048724 jal $00121c90
00201dac 24040001 addiu a0, zero, $0001
00201db0 00000000 nop
-->fill nop

---- filename : 992356FE.pnach
gametitle=Z Gumdom(NTSC J/PBPX_955.22)
comment=created by Imaha486
//Skip endless-loop

*** Please check of [Disable recompiler] ***

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Sorry, uploading failed.
(I up-loaded it again)

Are you using the latest(1.51) version?
And, Please teach the boot program name. (exam:SLPS_200.01 , PBPX_955.22 ...more)

The search for PCSX2GET is based on the boot program.
PCSX2GET fails if the filename is different from the form of "xxxx_xxx.xx" it.
Adjusts PCSX2GET to PCSX2 v0.7.
As well as PCSX2v0.7, it is necessary to adjust.

Please, teach me your "boot program" file name.
PCSX2GET Ver1.52 Released.

added [QuickView].
This is used to see the log easily.
- before:Logging->Save->Input filename->Log file open.
- after:Logging->QuickView. :)

good luck.
I Uploaded PCSX2GET Ver1.55.
added [EPC and ErrorEPC monitor].
But, it doesn't find that these parameters are useful...

And, directory has an old version.

>I wish that kind of game was also launched in Europe, but I doubt it happens anyway...
hmm... In Japan, the new work sells soon.
I wish that it sells overseas.
Phaste Ver1.20 was uploaded.

Added "Aaaaaaaa nnnnnnnn" code(32bitWrite).
Fixed cheat-code count bug.

==== cheat code :)

Moji-pittan (NTSC J/ info: )

/When pushing the [L1]button, it becomes high-speed(VSync hack).
D01A88A0 00000004
2018AE80 03E00008
D01A88A0 00000004
2018AE84 00000000
D01A88A0 00000000
2018AE80 27BDFFE0
D01A88A0 00000000
2018AE84 FFB00000
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Just in case, I uploaded pcSX2get-ver1.50.
But, the adjusting feature and so on have a bug.
Because it is, after PCSX2 ver0.8, it isn't possible to use.

see you. :)
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