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Phaste - Cheat Code Trainer for PCSX2

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Get it from the autor's japanese homepage:

As the author doesn't speak english, all texts have been translated by computer software thus resulting in odd english.
Please rtfm carefully before you complain "this and that ain't working".
Where it reads MAX the author means little endian .

Of course it will only work with compatible games that run into actual gameplay.
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It is a very good tool.
I expect it of the next work. :eyemove:
When I use "PCSX2",I always use "Pcsx2get" at the same time.
And, I noticed the thing that frequently fell into "00081fc0".
00081FC0: nop //←
00081FC4: nop
00081FC8: nop
00081FCC: nop
00081FD0: nop
00081FD4: nop
00081FD8: beq zero,zero,0x00081FC0 ※
Is this a system error?

And, I found an interesting thing at the same time.
By hitting the button repeatedly When PCSX2 freezes,
There is a case advanced to the next scene.
This isn't a joke. (better to use "SSSPSX PAD Plugin")
sorry, It might be an irrelevant topic.
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Nachbrenner said:
This part of RAM is used by Kernel (BIOS).
I'm afraid there is nothing you can do there :cry:
Thank you very much. :)
The problem was solved by your favor. :nod:
I want to try other method or other title.
1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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