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Phaste - Cheat Code Trainer for PCSX2

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Get it from the autor's japanese homepage:

As the author doesn't speak english, all texts have been translated by computer software thus resulting in odd english.
Please rtfm carefully before you complain "this and that ain't working".
Where it reads MAX the author means little endian .

Of course it will only work with compatible games that run into actual gameplay.
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Just a thought... why would someone want this, if you can't run any games in any emulator yet?
Because you will have to wait A LOT?
did you tried in ? Ask on their boards, they may have that...
tried on the device's oficial website, or on their IRC channel? Once, I needed a codebreaker code, so I went to their channel and they made me the code! :D
Imaha486 said:
I succeeded in the analysis by using PCSX2GET Ver1.51
(sorry, the bug is included in ver1.50...)

PCSX2GET log is..
0972 : PC[00121c94] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
0973 : PC[00201dac] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
0974 : PC[00121cc8] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
0975 : PC[00121cac] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
0976 : PC[00121c94] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
0977 : PC[00121c98] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
0978 : PC[00201db4] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
0979 : PC[00121cc0] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
0980 : PC[00121ce0] RA[00000000][00000000][00000000][00201db0]
In PS2DIS push [J]key and paste 00201db0 (RA).

00201da8 0c048724 jal $00121c90
00201dac 24040001 addiu a0, zero, $0001
00201db0 00000000 nop
-->fill nop

---- filename : 992356FE.pnach
gametitle=Z Gumdom(NTSC J/PBPX_955.22)
comment=created by Imaha486
//Skip endless-loop

*** Please check of [Disable recompiler] ***

Huh, nice images... sorry if this is kinda offtopic, but that game seems great... I wish that kind of game was also launched in Europe, but I doubt it happens anyway...
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