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Phaste - Cheat Code Trainer for PCSX2

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Get it from the autor's japanese homepage:

As the author doesn't speak english, all texts have been translated by computer software thus resulting in odd english.
Please rtfm carefully before you complain "this and that ain't working".
Where it reads MAX the author means little endian .

Of course it will only work with compatible games that run into actual gameplay.
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Imaha486 said:
But,only a Japanese version can be downloaded from index2.html.
oops, i corrected the hyperlink :emb:

Mykas0 said:
Just a thought... why would someone want this, if you can't run any games in any emulator yet?
- find a game which runs into actual gameplay, even if it's only 1 FPS
(there is a list of my compatible games on my site)
- hack the codes although it takes ages
(Take a look at the highscore on the attached picture from "Super Bust-A-Move aka Puzzle Bobble".)
- use the codes on a real PS2 with Xploder or Codebreaker etc.

Another practical usage is the investigation of compressed ELFs, e.g. "Haven - Call of the king"
Due to the compression you cannot use the patch system that comes with PCSX2, but with Phaste.
@ KanedA
The general problem with the "professionals" is - once they made a set of codes for a particular game, it is very unlikely that they make an update.
Also, both Datel and Fire/FCD closed their forums and they don't have IRC channels.

I suggest you visit for your request.
I assume you need codes for the PAL version, if i ever get the game i will port them from the US CB codes.

Now here is a little math quiz for everyone :D
How long did it take to get the attached screenshot (with the help of Phaste of course)?

edit: i deleted that explanation that was more confusing than helpful :???:
How To Find A "Max Reverse Joker" With Phaste

In Phaste select "WORD" and search parameter:
0041FFFF digital pad
0073FFFF Dualshock 1
0079FFFF Dualshock 2
FFFF8080 this pattern is found with some current games (e.g. "Kingdom Hearts")

Get the "Xplorer Button Value Calculator" from my site to calculate values.
(with this tool is "Max Reverse Joker"="Normal+Swap")
Play!PS2 said:
When I use "PCSX2",I always use "Pcsx2get" at the same time.
And, I noticed the thing that frequently fell into "00081fc0".
00081FC0: nop //←
00081FC4: nop
00081FC8: nop
00081FCC: nop
00081FD0: nop
00081FD4: nop
00081FD8: beq zero,zero,0x00081FC0 ※
Is this a system error?
This part of RAM is used by Kernel (BIOS).
I'm afraid there is nothing you can do there :cry:
Imaha486 said:
Can you use it with PCSX2 v0.8?
thank you, it's working fine :thumb:
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