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Phantom Brave Sound?

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I'm new in the PCSX2 and the game I wanted to play was Phantom Brave.

And I take it from DC++ and try to play, and work very well but with out sound.

I try to solve the problem and I find out that my plugin sound doesn’t reproduce sound and I change to the P.E.Op.S. PS2 SPU2 DSound driver.

I run the game and all seems to be right but after the Now Logging the game shut down. (it seems is an Error) :hdbash:

What should I do to play the game with sound? oO
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I'm really new to this scene, but I've been scraping forums for hours now, and I've seen a pretty across-the-board issue, it's sound. Playing without sound helps ALOT of people.
You have the typical SPU2 bug.
With the null pluging It will go fine, without sound :( .
But if you use PEOPS plugin maybe the game will work ok with sound (or you will only get stranges sounds), but if the plugin doesn't work the emu will crash.
It is the same thing that happens in Disgaea, and other games.

Your only option is to play without sound until there is a new version of the plugin (or the emu).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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