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Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst US Open Beta

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Well it just started :p

All you need to know is here

Im currently downloading the client, hope to see some of u guys there soon.
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I'm trying to download it, at the current speed it'll take 12 hours... Any mirror/torrent links avalible yet?

EDIT: Ok, I guess it's on file planet. No lines right now either :).
oO its on file planet? gonna download there now. The 2 links on the official site are damn slow :p
Dling right now. We should all join the same server!
Well after half an hour of trying to solve a problem i finally got in the game. But i dont have time to play now :p. Only joined the lobby for a bit. Ill be playing in 2 hours or so.

If you wanna team up PM-me or add me in xfire (Metalmurphy)

Btw if you have a problem of not beeing able to write ur login name and password you have to disable East Asian languages in the Regional & Language Settings.

Heres a shot of my char

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downloading now!
Metalmurphy said:
Btw if you have a problem of not beeing able to write ur login name and password you have to disable East Asian languages in the Regional & Language Settings.
Yea, I had that problem too. Probobly should've warned you :p. Actually though, I found a different solution. If you run the game in window mode you can use the language toobar to switch the input language to Japanese. Then on top of being able to write in regular english since japanese mode supports romanji, you can also input japanese if you happen to know any ;).
Hum can u guys connect now? I'm getting an 903 error and it freezes on my other computer. Also the PSOBB board seems to be offline
Same. Game's down right now.
grrr, I cannot get in game!
Well lets hope tomorow its fixed. :p
Metalmurphy said:
Well lets hope tomorow its fixed. :p
Tomarow?!?!?! LOL, I want it now!
I love how the official client release defaults to wanting the wrong language. I know it's beta and all, but isn't this one of those things you get fixed like, in the first five lines of code?

Some of the engrish in the menus is really goofy also.

I did run to L10 RAmar, but it's frustrating only playing on my laptop since I refuse to uninstall asian font support on my main PC. I also don't see myself paying for this, since it's just a 4-player game.
I probobly won't pay for it either. I've had my fill of the first PSO anyway. But, it's nice to revisit the PSO world for a while during this beta. Espicially since it looks like we finally have a version that will prevent cheating.

Regarding the language problems, it's probobly due to the fact that leftover code from the japanese version is screwing things up. I'm betting there will be a patch for it soon. And in case you missed my earlier post, you don't actually have to uninstall the language support to get it to work.

EDIT: Servers seem to be working now. Here's a pic of my charector :cool::

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im sad because i know like a week after i download this theyll start wanting money, and i know the age old arguement about server maintence and bandwidth costs but im a cheap sob and dont want to spend $120-200 a year on a game i already bought, so im going to find a corner to cry in now.
on which server are you all? .____. ??? *alone puri*

btw: does anyone know how i put my spells on the keys 1-9? ó_ò
nice; based on previous experience, this might be an (mmo)rpg I'm actually willing to pay for ;)
that opinion may change, the fact that it takes effort to type in english, would stop me from paying for it.

And Popuri you put skills on the 1-0 by going to customize in the menu and then selecting the skill you want and press 1 or any number you want to use.
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