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Petition to add PAD support to ePSXe!

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As you saw on the frontpage...

Let's get support for it here!
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Yes, i would be cool to play online with your friends
hope they can release a new version supporting PAD ( and maybe a fix in Vagrant Story sound...)
keep up the great job!!
Heh, until they started offering force feedback, I was REALLY into getting rid of their (lousy) pad emulation...but it's good now. NEWays, yeah, implementing the PAD system and offering an internal plugin (like the SPU) sounds like an awesome idea :).
It's possible LAN support ?

I would to ask to programmators if is it possible to play Epsxe with LAN support!!!
Excuse me for bad english
It would be awesome to play psx games online so I am here to support the pad input idea all the way.......... If the gameplay is as good as kaillera then, go all the way with it.......

Yup, to play all the working games, in ePSXe, online would be cool and ePSXe even don't need to suport PSEmu Pro Pad Plugins. They only need to change their code that the CyberPad Plugin can use the internal Pad Functions of ePSXe. That means you can still use features like Analog-Sticks or Force Feedback. :D

On the other side PSEmu Pro isn't a bad emu. It play also many cool games like Tekken3, Gran Turismo, Tekken 1, KulaWorld and many more.
Also there should be a release of FPSE on the 1. June. As long as i know they support PSEmu Pro Plugin's too and if you can trust the posts on the FPSE homepage the compatibility is very high.

fivefeet8, i've tried to use Kaillera for this Plugin and now i know Kaillera isn't the best choice ... i tested it with Bobbi and we got ca. 3 fps in Tekken 1 and it was totally async (Bobbi won in the same game on his computer and on my computer i won.)
Now since the Plugin use it's own WinSock-support it works 100% sync (look at the Tekken 1-screenshots on, even in Tetris the same blocks fall on both computers and the speed is ok, and can be still optimized.

But still ... ePSXe with Pad support or better with support for the CyberPad Plugin would be the heaven on earth ;)

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Actually I wasn't saying to use kaillera.......... I just said it would be great if it worked as good as mame with kaillera...... sorry for not being clearer..... I get full speed online gaming on mame with kaillera....... works perfect almost all the time.....
Damn, this is exactly what I was thinking of a couple of days ago, how cool would it be to be able to play GT2 online w/my friends! I had no idea such a thing existed for other emus (kaillera), but I guess it's a possibility for ePSXe. I say do it, it'll be truly amazing to play PSX games online!

fivefeet8, how fast is your connection ?
i've played BomberMan in Mame via Kaillera ... and it was really slow on my ISDN (5-8 fps) ... not real fun.
But i've also played Nemu64 with Kaillera and with ISDN ... a car racing gaming ... and that worked really amazing.
Kaillera isn't bad, but not as good as CyberPad ... hehehehehe :D

btw. i've updated the CyberPad Screenshot section with screenshots of Tekken 3 and Gran Turismo in PSEmu Pro now.

100% sync and the speed isn't that bad with ISDN<->Cable currently.

Let's hope to see Pad support in ePSXe soon too ;)

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I remember, and have heard of FPSE's PSEmu Pro Plugin 'wrappers' being poor, and hence, PSEmu Pro Plugins performing poorly with it...

I don't know if this will effect CyberPad, or if the poor performance I've heard of will be fixed by the release of 0.09...but who knows...
I have a dsl connection......... 1500kb/512kb ......... I just find a server with below 100 ping and kaillera plays great.... Actually, playing a game at above 100 ping is possible too but there is a lag between when I press the button and when the action happens on screen..... funny though because the frame rate doesn't drop for me even at above 100 ping.... Only when the server gets bogged with connections does it slow down a bit...... The new version of kaillera fixed some of the slowness....

It seems CyberPad will run great as well...... I wonder if its the connection or the graphics settings that slow the games down while online in those screenshots of cyberpad......hmm.


fivefeet8 : with 1500kb/512kb (and if both computers have the same connection) the gameplay should be really smooth.
sure, at the end the speed depends also on the system speed (processor, Videocard and GPU Plugin...)
Currently we havn't tried how much the GPU-Settings affect the speed ... but we will do that soon.
But we've compared ISDN-64k and ISDN-128k on the same computer and we get with the same FPS a better gameplay.
Too bad that only PSEmu support that Plugin currently, the Speed of ePSXe is higher and i am sure that increase the gameplay too.

CDBuRnOuT : But since Mr. Frog, we know that FPSE works even on a P1 with 200MHz in full speed ... that means even with the most poorly coded plugin wrapper the speed should be fine on a P2-333MHz (i hope that at least, since i use one :p )

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The shots were not full speed, from the FPS counter, it shows FPSE works on a P200 at 14fps in Software, that's not full speed =P

I'm sure CyberPad will function decently with it, I think the wrapper problem I mentioned is mostly with PSEmu Pro GPU plugins..
supporting the pad plugin interface? as far as I know calb is working on
a diablo2 interface right now ;)
Anyone know how Adripsx was going to pull off PSX Multiplayer with only have the host required to have the game? I can't seem to figure that out :p The Gameboy Advance actually does this to, but they are directly linked by cables.
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