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Ok, like the weird FF8 transparency problem, im also having problem with FF9 with version 1.49

See screenshots...

Fullscreen ---mode 800x600 ---color dept--- 16bit
Texture quality----r8 g8 b8 a8
Filtering ----------None
Caching type----------Dynamic(vram depended, fast palette caching)
-Use FPS limit
-Auto detect FPS/Frame skipping limit
Better, but (sometimes) slower
Off-Screen drawing-----2(Standard)
Advanced blending----Hardware
Framebutter texture---Black (fastest)
-Alpha Multipass (opaque)
-Enable Mask bit detection
-color dithering (smoother in 16 bit color dept)

Using petesD3D v1.49----with an ATI Rage Fury 128

Ive already beatin the game using the emu a couple monthis ago, but now im getting all these new weird probems.


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well for some odd reason the board isnt letting me post the picture.

But the problem is at the beginning of the game (TITle Screen)
thers like black stuff covering half right side of screen.

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ok, there it goes...
Thats the problem.
Using petesD3D the directx 6 one dont help either.
Currently using PetesOGL now....
it works but i wonder why D3D dont work. Use to work perfectly before.

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two possibilities:

1.) the screenshot is a fake

2.) your gfx card drivers suck

well, and no matter if it's 1. or 2.: I can't help you, sorry

Ill answer both of them.

1) the picture not a fake.

2) yes my gfx card drivers suck(actually the gfx itself sucks)

Heres the weird thing; when that shows up i hit esc, on the epsxe window I hit continue, game screen pops up and *poof* its gone.
The only thing is it sometimes appears again.

Im using the exact system spec as tekwiz99 only my Ati is 32 meg
Current Ati driver is 4.13.7094 <--------beta version for DX8

Im thinking the culprit is this GL sofware im using --GLSetup- Beta

..............Anyway, I think ill stick with petesOGL, thats working fine for me.

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You all are using ATI cards? And you get the glitch only with D3D?
Well, you can try to use the D3D DX6 plugin, speed should be the
same as the DX7 one, and some gfx card drivers (like my V2 card, or
most Matrox ones) are working better with the DX6 plugin.

If the effect goes away by activating the fps menu or my closing/opening
the gpu window, chances are high that ATI screwed the D3D clipping
func, tststs.

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Well using D3D DX6 dont make much difference with the prob...and closing the window back and forth gets tireing...
all I have to say to ATI is ..............................................................................................................NviDiA geFORCE
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