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Pete's Psx Gpu 1.55

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New version of the graphic plugins OpenGL, D3D DX7, D3D DX6 (no more software) that you can use whit all the PSX Emulators that supports the PSEmu pro Plugins (ePSXe, AdriPSX, FPSE, PSinex,...). Pete has also make new versions of the plugins:
PSX GPU MesaGL Linux driver, PSX CDR ASPI / IOCTL driver, PSX SPU DSound Audio driver y PSX SPU OSS Audio Linux driver

So go to the Pete´s Page and download the new versions
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Cheers SepHirotH OmEgA and thanx Pete ....
Im now gonna update :)
Since this has already been posted in news section.So I will just talk about some cool things in new plugins.

Speed seems to be more or less same as before.I put darkmans plugins test and similar scores as before.

Two new options in filtering department.i think both are working well though extended + smooth sprites seems to be better.

Also the ppf option in cdr plugin is great(you dont need to patch those annoying cds).A new read ahead mode is also incuded.
Infact I was using the old 1.3 cdr plugin version before this but this one too seems to be working fine on windows me.

There seems to be hell lot of developments in direct sound plugin too with adjustments for many games.I tried mgs and its almost as good as eternal spu(a bit faster though) if not better.mickey mouse sounds in my brian lara cricket are also seems to be gone.

Over all great work pete.:)
Better? I tested it with GT2, and maybe its just my eyes, but I see a worse picture with extended + smoothness (the bottom picture).

Plugin: Pete's D3D Driver 1.1.55
Author: Pete Bernert
GFX card: XPERT98 AGP 2X (English)

- 640x480 Fullscreen - [16 Bit]

- Default
- Filtering: (Standard on the top, Extended w/ Smoothness on the bottom)
- Caching: 2 - 125 textures usable

- FPS limit: on
- Frame skipping: off
- FPS limit: 63

- Offscreen drawing: 0
- Framebuffer texture: 1
- Alpha multipass: on
- Mask bit: off
- Advanced blending: none

- Scanlines: off [243]
- Unfiltered FB: off
- Dithering: on
- Full vram: off
- Game fixes: off [00000000]

Since images are still broken, I had to upload them myself.

Maybe its just my video card, but I see no better quality from extended + smoothness (on the bottom) to regular standard (on the top)
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Now I'm almost assured that its my video card thats the problem. Here's 2 shots from Tales of Destiny 2, same as before, but this time I put regular Extended (instead of standard) on the top, and Extended + smoothness on the bottom.

Looks like when I had my older video card drivers.. maybe pete's technology has finally surpassed my 1998 video card.
Talking about new options from pete's latest help document-----

"Of course it will not help games which aren't using sprites at all (for example Wild Arms), and it will produce glitches with other games (like Legend of Dragoons or FF7). Still it's a good choice for many sprite-based games and rpgs"

I hope that clears your doubt expert464.Dont worry your card still works fine.
I dunno, I tried the most diverse games I have. GT2 is pretty much all 3D, and ToD2 is mostly sprites and 2D animations, and neither of them looked correct, let alone "better". I didnt see anything wrong with the filtering before 1.55, not that I'm not satisfied with Pete's plugins, I mean, w/o him I'd be living in 320x200 with little/no options on with some other plugin. But until I see a game that uses this new option well....
Now that is interesting indeed.. I tried the plugins just now, and games that use pre-rendered 2D backgrounds or plain 2D games look better.... but no graphics glitches whatsoever.

Here are some FF8 shots.

[edit] All right, since attachments are working again, I've moved it here:
Sigh, the graphic problem in Tale of Destiny II is still there.
You know, the underwater or heat wave screen.
Only Pete's Soft driver works in these scenarios, but I don't see the new version of soft driver anywhere.

I wanna cry!
interesting :D :wink: :lol:
Sigh, the graphic problem in Tale of Destiny II is still there.
misc/frame buffer/frame buffer on move try it
Thanks for the information SepHirotH OmEgA. I saw the GPU plugins listed on the main page, but I did not notice anything concerning the DX Sound or CD Rom plugin. I got both of those also. Can't wait to test them. Thanks again.
Originally posted by FireGL

misc/frame buffer/frame buffer on move try it
Thanks, it works, but slow likes snail even on my Pentium 4 2GHz, GeForce 2 Ultra video card and 256 MB RDRAM.
I guess I would have to stick with Soft driver:(
I have programs running right now, otherwise I would test these new plugins right now. I just PRAY that for any weird reason, they might work on a Kyro.

(I know, I am an idiot for buying it. Please don't mock me. The card does that enough).
Nope. No such luck. D3D plugin still freezes after 2 minutes, and the OpenGL plugin is still dreadfully slow.

Maybe next time....
GT2 Not Loading

ever sisnce I have tried these plugins, I havent yet got GT2 to work. IF anybody has, what config did you use?
That has nothing to do with the GPU. GT2 works great with Pete's Plugins (at least for me :)).That's the CD-ROM. Turn on Accurate CD-ROM Timing.
Why is there no more Pete SOFT GPU plugin ¿¿ (Still at 1.54)
Originally posted by Cygoku
Why is there no more Pete SOFT GPU plugin ¿¿ (Still at 1.54)
Coz it has been converted into an open source project and will be available separately.See this page for more info-
Originally posted by Cygoku
Why is there no more Pete SOFT GPU plugin ¿¿ (Still at 1.54)
Pete's Soft GPU is not part of the plugins pack anymore... it's now a separate, open-sourced plugin (PEOps plugin).
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