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<div>Time to post something we hadn't seen in awhile.....Pete is active
again!!! :)&nbsp; Today, he released updates to literally all of his
GPU plugins for both Windows and Linux.&nbsp; Including in this update
batch is Pete's OGL/D3D/OGL2/XGL2/MesaGL plugin, as well as P.E.Op.S.
Soft/SoftX GPU.&nbsp; Here are the release changes to Pete's OGL/D3D,
Pete's OpenGL2, and P.E.Op.S. Soft plugin.</div>
<div><strong>Pete's OGL/D3D Plugin 1.76</strong></div>
  • Ok, some of the new 1.76 plugin features I have described in the OGL2&nbsp; version file (OGL2 V2.07):</li>
    • floating point fps limit value</li>
    • y sprite mirroring (thanx to smf)</li>
    • fixed psx gpu blending mode (thanx to softm)</li>
    • fast forward key</li>
  • I've added a "pause" key, if you have to do a break, and you
    don't&nbsp; want to quit the emu (my other gpu plugins already had this
  • I've noticed the "G4 polygon cache" special game fix (for FF9) was&nbsp; a bit overdone :) Should be better now.</li>
<strong>Pete's OGL2 Plugin 2.07</strong></div>
  • Some users wanted the possibility to enter a floating point
    value as&nbsp; framerate limitation. Ok, done (doesn't make much sense,
    imho, but &nbsp; it will not hurt as well... my personal advice: use
    the "auto-detect&nbsp; limitation value" option whenever it is
  • softm reported on my messageboard, that one of the PSX blending
    modes looked different in my plugins, compared to the real PSX. You
    will notice the difference only in a few games (softm found Diablo,
    Legend of Mana and Castlevania), but nevertheless I've fixed this
  • In some games the "Flicker-Fix border" option (needed in
    combination with the fullscreen shader option) actually didn't fix
    flickering borders. That's fixed :)</li>
  • Many users requested a "fast forward" key, which deactivates the
    frame limitation while pressed (to skip boring parts of a game).&nbsp;
    I've added this feature, you have to configure it in the "GPU key
    configuration" (hint: look for a small "..." button in the main config
  • smf of MAMEdev found a new psx gpu feature: y sprite
    mirroring.&nbsp; With his help (thanx for the small psx demo!) I could
    add this psx gpu capability to my plugins.&nbsp; Don't ask me if a
    console psx game will use such a mirroring (I've&nbsp; never noticed
    it), but who knows... there are many psx games out there :)</li>
  • ShadX and guest(r) created all kind of interesting and nice
    looking&nbsp; OGL2 fullscreen shaders, which can be found in the shader
    forum on my messageboard. With version 2.07, even better shaders can be
    made:&nbsp; I've added the possibility to access own textures (stored
    as tga files), which can be used as look-up-tables, for example.&nbsp;
    If you want to know how to use this multi-texture option, I've put two
    small shader demos on my web site as well. Happy shading :)</li>
<strong>P.E.Op.S. Soft Plugin 1.17</strong></div>
  • &nbsp;MxC added HQ2X, HQ3X and Scale3X display filters to the Windows version.</li>
  • smf of the MAME team found a new capability of the PSX gpu: sprite
    Y mirroring. I've added this to the P.E.Op.S. gpu, big thanx to smf for
    sharing this info (and for coding a small psx demo showing this feature)</li>
  • softm informed me on my messageboard that one of the transparency
    modes seems to be wrong in some games (Diablo, Legend of Mana,
    Castlevania).&nbsp; I've repaired that, now it will look fine.</li>
  • Sometimes small (wrong) texture distortions happened in the soft
    gpu.&nbsp; That's caused by internal precision issues, when the plugin
    is drawing quads using two triangles (needed to get the PSX g-shading
    right).&nbsp; I've made a special game fix (0x200), now users can
    decide if they want a correct g-shading (fix activated) or textures
    without distortions (fix deactivated).</li>
  • The frame limit value is now a floating point number, so you can
    set (for example) "50.1" as limit. Dunno why, but many users requested
    this...anyway, my advice: use the "auto-detect limit" option whenever
    it's possible :) </li>
<div> </div> </blockquote>» Download Pete's OGL/D3D GPU&nbsp;Plugins 1.76 <a href=";id=1">here</a></div>
<div>» Download Pete's OpenGL2 Plugin 2.07 <a href=";id=108">here</a></div>
<div>» Download Pete's MesaGL Plugin (Linux) 1.76 <a href=";id=91">here</a></div>
<div>» Download Pete's XGL2 Plugin (Linux) 2.07 <a href=";id=118">here</a></div>
<div>» Download P.E.Op.S. Soft GPU Plugin 1.17 <a href=";id=7">here</a></div>
<div>» Download P.E.Op.S. Soft X Plugin (Linux) 1.17 <a href=";id=109">here</a>
<div>» Pete's <a href="" target="_blank">Domain</a>&nbsp;</div></div>

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what a perfect timing, I just installed my new hdd and have to configure ePSXe :D

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Dowloading Now!

Flood Yourself
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Wow, it's been such a long time too. I remember helping Pete debug the OGL2 plugin a few years back, good to see he's still giving his PSX plugins some love!

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Say, Pete, can you pelase add a similar speed up button that will disable fps limiting AND enable frame skipping? Because disabling limiting alone does almost nothing (*2 speed).
It would be really helpful if you will, and maybe fix frame skipping compatibility problems to (unless that's impossible), those are the 2 features that I am most looking forward to. But thanks for the release, Pete!

The Rambler
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Fantastic news! You're the best Pete! Keep up the good work.

I agree brilliant - though in the past with games I've just left the fps display up and utilized the manual fps limitation+frame skip to *really* fast forward. Just leave FS on and you end up with 3 ff settings just by toggling the limitation switch - FF/Normal/Turbo. ^^

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great, fast forward key, thx a lot for hearing us pete boy
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