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Pete's Plugin release

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Pete's gpu, spu, cdr release

quickly 2 download
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Lets see whats new in 1.55. I was waiting for a release from pete.
Neway thanks for the news.
1.55?!?! Already? Man... I can't be away for too long :) Thks for the info!
Damn it!
Attachements still aren't working:mad: .
OK let's try again.
Without filtering:
Thx for update news........
From the SPU readme:

You will need both the "high compat" and the "wait for cpu"
option to play "MGS" (and yes, finally the sound will be nearly
perfectly synched with the game), and for "Valkyrie Profile", too.

"Thousand Arms" is also working fine now, still you will need the
"10023458 = 0" cheat to play the game in epsxe 1.4 (and use
"wait for cpu" to silence certain popping noises)
Valkyrie Profile! Gotta test it right now!!

[]s Badaro
hrmm ... time to fix the attachments *check*


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0wned !

Attachments are working again people, enjoy ;)
Hey Bobbi, is that a pic of the new ePSXe? looks good ;)
Very nice and friendly configurator, Bobbi. It even has ratings for the plugins! Should help a lot new ePSXe users.
It's a tool called ePSXe Setup Configurator which I'm currently developing in my (spare) free time. Because of my flu, I should be able to finish it this week as my doc said I'm not allowed to go anywhere in the following 6 days.

As you noticed, it's supposed to make configuration as easy as possible ... the thing you're looking at is the beginner mode (which will be started by default after our installer copied all the latest files). There's also an advanced mode, which allows you to create profile files for your favorite plugins and games.
And when do you think you'll release it?
Cool! So, it will be like ePSXecutor in Advanced mode?

Hope you get better from the flu, Bobbi.
More like an ePSXeCutor in simple mode :) The easy interface hides all options which confuse beginners so they only need to select some basic stuff.

The profile option is *very* hard to program, as I don't want to have to update the tool every time a new plugin is out ... but I'm sure I'll figure that out somehow as well ;)

As for the release date, I guess it'll come out together or shortly after the next ePSXe version.
looks like another cool stuff from bobbi.I will wait for the release And yes thanks for fixing the attachments.:)
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