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Pete's plug-in is evil

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:( Since I installed it, the blue screen apears with an erro (forgot waht it says)
I managed to play ff7, xeno, cc, before this bug. But now I can't even start epsxe, my comp always reeboot when I try to open it.:eyes:
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Oh i forgot. If it can help you, I got a
TB 850
512 megs of ram
Ati Radeon 32 mo tv in/out
SB Live
And I used Open Gl compatibilty
When I tried to reinstall epsxe, at the very end of the install. A fatal error appears
I found the problem. Opengl version .0.21 (someting like that), ati radeon 32mb, WIN ME <------ bad
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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