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Pete's plgins 1.51 released!!!!

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Pete's plugins 1.51 released!!!!

To all the Pete's lovers,go here and don't forget to praise him for all the good things he has given us(and will keep I hope)while you're downloading the magical plugins;) .
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Where is the newer version of plugin :confused:
Could you please send direct link to plugin to me ???
I will thank you so much.
Originally posted by SepHirotH OmEgA
Hey enigma, couldn´t be much better if you go and look for the plugin by yourself?
OK,I have cache problem in "Internet Explorer"
So sometime that page which I visit have already updated but when I visit it won't.(Even I cleared cache.)
So this is reason why I ask Raziel to put direct link to that plugin to me
I hope you will understand this ;)
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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