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Pete's openGL 1.49 problem

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I have a problem when i use pete's latest openGL 1.49 plug-in. For example in FF9, when a transition takes place (i.e. enter a town etc.) there would be a short display of graphical static(??). (Much like a TV's display of static). I didn't encounter this problem when i used the previous 1.48 version. The static (though might be irritating to look at) doesn't affect my gameplay at all. I'm probably just curious y this occurs in 1.49 and not in 1.48.

I'm using a Geforce 2 GTS if that helps and attached a bmp of the static display which lasts only for a short while during transitions.
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where is the image? compress it to jpg and make sure it's smaller than 100k!
Well, in the 1.49 release Pete has improved his screen clearing detection, so it may be a bug created by this improvement,of course only Pete really knows what it is,I'mjust trying to guess.
but how come it's not present in the 1.48 version of ur plug-in?!
but how come it's not present in the 1.48 version of ur plug-in?!
Because 1.48 is 1.48 and 1.49 is 1.49... wouldn't make much sense if I would just
release the same plugin with a different version number ;)

1.49 has a 'stronger' upload detection in the higher Offscreen Drawing modes...
it's needed to see certain stuff in some games. But it can cause glitches like the
FF9 garbage with other games...

It's a common mistake to think: 'the higher I select a gpu option, the better
the display will get'. Sometimes less is better... just play with the options until
you have found the best compromise for your game.
urg, it same happens to me that i once used a right version of Null2's SPU (no choppy sound). but can't find it again (simply overwhelmed by the new updated version (choppy sound is back)
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