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I Prefer to use OGL in for my video plugin and i don't usually have any problems with it but for some reason, Gauntlet Legends runs really slow. It takes a long time to load the game initially and sometimes not at all and i have to restart it. Gameplay is also very slow which is wierd with my system specs :). I think it worked better with older versions of Pete's OGL plugin...but i've always used the same settings. i usually just hit the "nice" button but then i use windowed mode @ 1024x768. Anyone seen this or have an idea what could be causing this? my other plugins are EPSXE 1.4.0 CD-R core, and Enternal SPU 1.1. I've played around with just about everything including the acurate cd-rom timing and the cd-rom status options thinking it might be that but no go..

Any ideas?
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