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i was wondering if pete was still working on his spu - its been a while (nearly 2 months) since it was updated and seems, at least to me, second only to epsxe's internal spu in performance especially in MDECs and also in quality because of it's advanced interpolation feature.

i know that the gpu's are all fantastic :) and progressing nicely but he also produces a great spu as well that deserves more attention.
i noticed in the latest readme that pete was thinking of making a new spu without using the MIDAS library ''the Midas pitch changing bug is really bothering me. Maybe I will do a new spu plugin without Midas, though. We will see :)''...

the saga continues ;)

Pete certainly is prolific. Not only does he give us the great GPU plugins, as you said hankhoser, but there is his Midas SPU (which I also agree is superb), and now his GREAT CD plugin. When will he ever stop:eek:, never I hope!:cool:
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