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On this nice and sunny sunday morning, <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Pete</a> just released version 1.54 of his PSEmu Pro compatible GPU plugins. Let's get directly to the changes in this version, as this post will become a bit lengthy anyway :<ul><b>All plugins:</b> finally I have added psx polyline support to the "WriteData" interface funcs. Polylines were only supported in dma chains before, and, to be honest, I haven't seen any game using them outside of dma chains. Well, Matesic Darko's great GPU Test Windows application is using polylines without dma chains, so I have used that one to check if all is working fine.
Btw, you can get the GPU Test app at: <a href=""></a> in the "Tools" section.

<b>OGL/D3D plugins:</b> Xenogears... yup... well, that game is using a hard to emulate framebuffer texture/framebuffer move combination in cutscenes and transition screens, which only could emulated properly by using "Full Vram primitives" in my hw/accel. plugins before. FVP tends to need a lot of cpu power, so I've looked if I could do an option to let the gfx card do most of the work... and there it is: a new special game fix called "framebuffer read on move". Unfortunately reading the gfx card framebuffer is also slow with most nowadays gfx cards, so I dunno how it will perform on average systems. Speed is fine on my GF3 in OGL, and kinda slow in D3D. So, my advise: use the new option only in Xenogears, or if you want to try to remove similar glitches in other games.
Btw, XG needs the new FBOM option with activated "gfx card" framebuffer textures and don't use the highest Offscreen drawing setting!
Oh, and I removed the special game fix for Tomb Raider 3... that one only was needed in the old PSEmu Pro emu to repair some of the GTE bugs, but since all newer emus can play the game without the fix, I don't think that it is needed anymore.

<b> All plugins: </b>the biggest change in 1.54: all software drawing funcs have been redone (lotta work), and the new soft gpu is now up to 20% faster than before. Therefore also the Offscreen drawing and FVP options of the hw/accel. gpus have gained more speed. Another nice thing with the new soft funcs: g-shaded quads are now rendered in the real psx way, check out the quad polygon in the first Sony BIOS screen (hi Galtor :)
On the other hand there is a very small chance that little g-shaded textured quads get slightly distorted... during my tests I didn't notice anything bad, but if you encounter some new glitches, drop me a mail.

<b>OGL plugin:</b> while adding the new soft funcs in the OGL plugin, I've noticed that the D3D plugins had a bigger security psx vram area, preventing nasty crashs. OK, now the OGL one has it, too.</ul>That new offscreen drawing function also comes with an amazing speed - feel free to share your results with others on our <a href="/forums/index.php">forums</a>. You can download Pete's new GPU plugins version <a href="/psx/plugins/win32/gpu/">from here</a> or from <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Pete's homepage</a>.
Well, as if this post isn't long enough, Pete also made a pretty cool announcement concerning his software GPU plugin in the changelog, so let me just quote him on that one :<ul><b>Announcement:</b> 1.54 was the last release of "Pete's Soft GPU"! Why? Well, I have done all I wanted to do with the soft gpu plugin, and I think the time is right to go Open Source :)

So, in a few days the Windows & Linux sources of the soft gpu plugin will be released, but what does that mean exactly to the users of the soft plugin?<ol><li>the name of the plugin will change... not a big deal, I think, but I don't want to label a plugin with "Pete's whatever" when (hopefully) a lotta more people beside me are working on it.
<li>improvements in games I don't own myself... I can't investigate some issues if I don't have the game, but now the chances will be higher that another coder is able to fix the problem.
<li>more features I never cared about... maybe a smarter frame skipping? or a native FPSE interface? some special gfx modes? Dunno :)
<li>the plugin will not get bundled in my "gpupete" archive anymore. We will have to wait and see how often a new release of the OS soft gpu is happening... </ol>And what does it mean to the psx emu/gpu plugin coders out there? There will be much informations in the source, for example the proper usage of the gpu interface, fps handling and, of course, the soft drawing funcs themselves. OK, so:

<ol><li>the license will be GPL
<li>still I don't want to force any freeware coder to go Open Source himself, if he is using parts of the soft gpu source in his work. So, I will allow the usage of the soft gpu funcs in closed source projects, too, if <ol TYPE=a>
<li>the project is freeware
<li>credits are given
<li>any improvements in the open source funcs are reported back to the Open Source project.</ol></ol>
I hope that way everybody will be happy :) And if the OS way is working well, chances are high that my hw/accel. plugins will go Open Source, too :) </ul>Phew, what a lot of HTML formating ;) Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this source release, as it should bring even more movement into the plugin development scene. We'll of course keep you updated about any progress, here on NGEmu !
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