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I have been experimenting with FF9 to get the best setting, and I am currently in a pickle. First I tried Pete's Open GL, but that was way too slow for some reason :( Then I tried Pete's Soft Driver which worked almost perfectly, although the character models (I don't know what they are called) are a little ugly, but the backgrounds and text were very nice and smooth, like PSX quality. THen I tried D3D, and after configuring the texture quality, the character models look very very good, but the backgrounds and text and most everything else is very pixelly. Is there anyway to get very good background and text and things, along with very good character models? Thanks for your help :D

here are my computer specs

amd athlon 1 ghz
128 mb ram
nvidia tnt2 model 64
win ME

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Short answer: NO!

Sadly, to my knowledge, there is no way to have your cake and eat it too!!

I've experienced ff9 with about every plugins and it always comes down to this: either the caracters are good and the background/textures/text are fuzzy/blurry/pixelated/unreadable or Vice-Versa.....

I think that Pete's Software plugin is the best because it only gets ugly either in a battle or on the map or on a character model... And most of the game takes place in a prerendered environment with models and lots of text.. So you have the best balance (in my opinion) between beauty and uglyness.....

But feel free to experiment...........


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Wow. Talk about graphics. IF they ever do a computer version of FF9, THAT's what it should look like!
Now, I have a question. I too am trying to run ff9 on my system. Unfortunately, the music decoding is slow as heck. is there any plugin that will play the music at a bearable rate on a system setup like this?:

Pentium-1, MMX, 233Mhz
48 Megs of RAM
24x Cd-ROM Drive
3DFX Voodoo3 2000 PCI
Maxi Sound Fortissimo (good card, has hardware acceleration for everything except A3D 2.0)
Sound Blaster AWE64 (for SoundFont Purposes)

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FF9 game how worked perfectly , but Legend of a dragoon , is really being a pain in the ass ! I get a black Screen and background music but nothing more sometimes after battle sometimes before entering a section , until cd 3 i solved it with Petes Soft Plugin (great plugin to bad the graphics are a mess ) but it dosn't do the Trick (before the battle with Lyod also happend before entering the cristal palace after the defeat of the divine Dragon) !!!

So Pete Please solve this damm bug if you can and if you got the time !!! Specialy fix the D3D Plugin !!! Or does any body haw a cheat or patch to solve this ?!
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