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here is from the version readme some new features ;)
15. July, 2001 Version 1.6

- "Try again on reading error" option. Now you
can tell the cdr plugin to try the sector reading
up to 10 times again. Very helpfull with scratched
CDs (like my Tomb Raider 2 one ;)

- "Use PPF file" option. Some psx games need special
patches to work right. Or you want to use special
trainers/cheats for your game.
In the past you had to create an ISO of that game, apply
the patch, and burn the game again. Now you can simply
select a PPF file in the plugin config, and the patch will
be done automatically within the cdr plugin while playing
the game... no need to make patched copies anymore :)
I've made the patching engine very fast, I think, so you
shouldn't see any performance hits (of course it will not
_improve_ the performance as well ;)
Btw, every request for PPF files will be ignored...
The plugin supports PPF1 and PPF2 files, but it will
not check if the PPF file is 'right' for the game you are
playing. So take care (or better: take ePSXeCutor/
PSSwitch/new AdriGUI to create different game configs).
Big thanx for that idea to JNS... you were right... it is
possible :)

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Good work liquid..........!

I checked the psxemu site and it was still in stoneage.....hehe.....!
Just Jokin don't take it seriously........!
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