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Pete: SPU Plugin

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Hey Ive notice that your spu is lacking in ff9, sound is a lil cracked up ect. I was just wonderin if there was an update on the way.

Oh yeah your spu is second to none when it comes to mdecs!! very nice work indeed. and of course your gpu..well now thats gotta be givin some award of some sort, Im just trying to think how much better you can make IT!! its gonna be great, i know it
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I think that Pete's spu is still in an early stage, because he had just started coding it for DirectSound. Believe me, if Pete works on it just like he does with his gpu, soon it will become the best spu around.
About his gpu: I agree that an award should be given to him, but don't forget Lewpy. He has the best Glide plugin around and it works better than pete's with 3dfx cards.
true true

I havent seen lep's cuz im a geforce2 user.

what spu do you reccomend?? because pets 1.10 is the one that i find is working the best for me. but then again there is probably better versions of other ones, ive tired irois (err the spelling) 1.40b but its kinda slow, if there are better ones out there let me know, leave a link or attact it

oh yeah nulls wont play mdecs in ff9..well for me atleast
I never liked much Nulls spu, but I must say that Iori's SPU 1.46 is THE BEST I ever tried. I have tested Iori, Pete, Internal, Nulls, Prodigy and the only one that was fast with a really good sound was iori and internal. I'm playing Chrono Cross now, and Iori is certainly the best for the game(at least in my pc). Some months ago I used Pete's MIDAS spu, and it was quite good, but now that he has changed for DirectSound, I think it is better wait a while for a more developed release.
can you attach ioris?

Can you attach 1.46 or email it to me

[email protected]

cuz i cant find version 1.46...

thanx in advanced
I have just sent you the file. If anything went wrong, please tell me so I will send it again.
Why not just post a link so we can all get it?
yeah ...
you are right, we all need that spu (at least me :) )

BTW why didn´t iori get a hompage?
iori's latest SPU

Post up a link to DL iori's latest SPU pls, i thiank alot of us need it, and would be very grateful to u for it :)

[email protected]
If you want all the plugins go to and get the plugin pack. If you just want Iroi1.46 then get the attachment

in your configurations segment of iori's spu,

can u pls tell us wat ur settings are like? so that newbies like us can have a rough guide? or are the default settings already good enough?

thanks alot once again :)
Iori's configuration depends on each computer. Well, here are my settings:
sound buffer: 4
xa buffer: 10
High resolution mode: on
Wait for XA buffer is free: on
Show realtime config window: off (don't work on fullscreen modes)
Enable Noise and Pitch Modulation: on
Enable Reverb: on
Enable SPU IRQ: on(make sure that spu irq hack in the epsxe main sound conf is off to enacle this)
Enable Compressor: on
and if u have a slow system, this will work whit great speed...

sound buffer: 30
xa buffer: 48
High resolution mode: off
Wait for XA buffer is free: off
Show realtime config window: off (don't work on fullscreen modes)
Enable Noise and Pitch Modulation: on
Enable Reverb: on
Enable SPU IRQ: on
Enable Compressor: on
I was wondering which plugin is best for playing Final Fantasy 7 ?
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