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I just noticed this thread right after I posted a similar question on the ePSXe messageboard. It seems that there is always some outstanding lack of dilligence on the emucoder's part that causes every emulator out there to fall short of perfection. For Epsilon of UltraHLE, it was lack of motivation, for the authors of AdriPSX and ePSXe, it was their inablilty to implement a stupid graphics port and now, with the CPU emulation as great as it is, we have asit around and wait for some genius to hack the EXE just to get proper texture alignment in games because the lazy coders can just sit and claim they've created something new because plugins aren't considered programs. No, all you've created is an imperfect, not graphically enhanced, inferior version of the PlayStation CPU (maybe a little added support, i'll give you that) with a couple input and output routines. As far as I am concerned, give credit to that which it was due! (Duddie Rules!!!!!!!)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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