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Can som1 plz hlp me coz persona 4 is very laggy and the audio keeps getting scrambled if any1 knows how to get it working properly then plz tel me how u did it also can u plz send me a download link to the plug ins u've used thank you ( i know im asking a lot but i really want to play this game)

heres the linl to my config for pcsx2:

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It's almost impossible to get the game to run without lag unless you can use DX10.

As a side note, could you please not use text speak? This is a forum, not a cell phone text message.

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That was a horrible plea for help. Even though you posted a nice configuration screenshot, you failed to mention your PC specs, which PCSX2 revision you're using, whether you're running from ISO or DVD... come on, give us something to work with here.

I use r1888, and can get 88-114 fps without framelimiter on if I use DX9 instead of DX10. So please just tell me that your computer isn't powerful enough. :(

how do i play Persona 4 on my emulator (gsdx9) i made an ios file of persona 4 but dont know how to use it can som1 plz plz help me
i mean that the iso folder is on my computer but do i need to put it in a cd to work?
Oh okay, didn't see your other post. Consider all help withdrawn at this point.
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