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Persona 3 FES crashes when I try to buy stuff/servies.

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The game looks like it's working pretty well, until I get to the train station and try to buy flowers or watch a movie. Or when I go to the mall and try to go though the haunted house or karaoke

Pretty much right when I choose the "ok" option to finalize the deal, the game freezes. Both video and audio. But the emulator doesn't freeze, because I can quick load my last saved state like nothing happened.

I'm wondering if there was a known fix for this.

I am using the Persona fix in gamefixes and I played Persona 4 all the way though with no problems.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that buying items in a store(i.e. police station shop and pharmacy) works fine.
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I didn't have any problems you mentioned while playing FES though.

Did you enable any patches that might cause it to freeze?
I did a max money patch when I first started the game, but I saved then turned it off, so I don't have any active patches on.
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