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persona 2 problems

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im having trouble in the part where u see the joker fo the first time then theres some speech and the speech stops but the joker continues to move his hands and the game doent continue

i have amd 800 compuer gforce 2 mx 128 ram
im using all of petes plugins except the cdrom which i use epsxe core
what can be the problem??
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nobody knows about this problem??/ plzz
i passed that part using vgs. Haven't tried it with epsxe though. Try using an iso instead of the cd.
Persona 2, eh ? ...haven't played that one for awhile, but I was DEFINATELY able to pass that point on ePSXe. Now, let me see... I was using pete's OGL plugin for graphics, ePSXe core SPU for sound, and the TSGMSCDX pluging for cd-rom. But, I was using ePSXe v.1.20 at that time - maybe that made the diffirence. Oh, one more thing : I wasn't using the original disk (I don't have it actually), I was playing from a copy that my friend was kind enough to borrow me...
Actually, I have the same problem...
I used VGS to get past the first meeting with joker, but it just
hangs again when I meet him in the clock tower
It seems to hang whenever there is speech....
Maybe it's a bug in 1.4.0, I'm going to try to use 1.2.0 to see if it works...
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