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Right then first off i put the two games together because im having the same exact problem with both.

they both play through till the end all well and good, but i seem to be having problems getting the credits to work (it just stops, the credit music plays but the credits dont show up), normally i wouldnt care about the credits but there seems to be a new game+ sort of thing near the end of them and a secret dungen you can unlock with it, anyway does anyone have a solution to this or am i skrewed.

right then plugins im using,

P.E.Op.S software, the one that comes with expse 1.7.0 sorry i dont really know the version number myself and eternal SPU 1.41.

any ideas?

edit: sorry just noticed this is in the wrong sub section, heh my bad.

edit: Ep works in pSX so im assuming IS works to, sorry i just didnt want to face the last boss again, and as it turns out i got lucky the first time, not looking forward to IS final boss.

in otherwords, another redundant thread by yours truley Zidine. My bad.
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