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Perhaps a useful discovery (bug with display corruption on FF8)

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Ok .. I was playing FF8 (save restore save restore ;) ) last night and I just happened to press the CTRL key (which on Kazzuya's plugin displays the full memory buffer) after a corruption. I noticed that the pallete used for display text was written over by a bitmap.

Could the problem with bitmaps over writting the boundries of the visibile display? The problem seems to ocure in animation sequences exclusively. Now each block is read and converted to image data in the PSX in 16x16 tiles then loaded as an image map to the display. There could be a problem in that area of ePSXe or GPU plugins.

Anyhow after the pallete is over written that's when all the menu's etc become hard to read etc. And the screen turns those nifty gray colors etc. Likely because that pallete is used for the text in the menus and it's background.

So whatever code is queueing up the decoded tiles from the disk and sending the commands to the GPU to load the images, that seems to be where the problem is.

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