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My poor pc is Athlon XP 2100+, Radeon 9100, with 512MB ram, running WinXP SP2. I found that vba 1.7.2 consumes a lot CPU time when I set the frame skip to 0, select the lq filter, and use the DirectDraw rendering. The D3D and ogl render methods are worse. But in some rare cases, I have to skip no frame. I found the beta3 of 1.8.0 version runs smoothly with those options this afternoon, but the layout of some dialogs is still poor for my language. That is, some characters in the static label are not properly displayed.

So I downloaded the latest available source of vba from, and decided to compile it with VS2k5 and the latest DXSDK(dxsdk_dec2005.exe). To my surprise, the complier told me that some DirectX 8 related headers and library files are missing, although I properly set the path. I had to change every string like 'xxxx8' to 'xxxx9' in both source and project files to port vba to DirectX 9. There are some other deprecated macros like D3DTSS_MINFILTER, I changed them into some dx9-supported macros like D3DTSS_COLORARG0. Some functions are altered in dx9, and I just removed or rewrote them with appropriate ones. In addition, I spent some 2 hours to refactor the 'insecure' crt to 'secure' crt, which was reported by vs2k5 compiler as warnings. Finally, I got a some what improved version of vba 1.7.2, this one can run some games at 60 fps with lq filter, but can not run some others smoothly - just the same as the original exe. I ran the newly compiled via on another pc, and found dependencies problems. Then I made a setup package using vs2k5, it worked, but the size was as large as 6.8MB.
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