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Mario Kart Wii Perfect (WITH a newer Dolphin vers had I 20 fps more but i most added a Wii Filesystem (Rev3337))

mario kart Wii

Link Crossbow training

Link Crossbow Training

Mario Football (NEW 4.5.2009)

Mario Football

Mario u Sonic Olympics

Mario Sonic Olympics

Crazy Minigolf Perfect

Crazy Minigolf

More Games Party

More Games Party

Super paper Mario (crash if you buy......)

crash if you buy
Super Paper Mario

Wii PLay

Wii Play

Wii Sports

Fun Fun Minigolf (wad)

Fun Fun Minigolf

Toki Tori (wad)

Toki Tori

Sonic and the Black Knight (subtitles bug,but read able post for a fix a comment)

Sonic nand the Black Knight

Boom Smash Boom Blox ( a grphic glicthes in the pirate stage mission selection =make nobody angry^^)

Boom Boom Blox

Onslaught (perfectly 30-40 fps without bugs wad file)


Marble Balance Challagne

Marble Blance Challagne

Wario Ware (run with full speed, run the Dolphin.exe not Il)

Wario Ware

....more games following

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please read the topics before creat a new topic
your versions are too late and less efficient than the new version
(ex : for mario kart I lost ~15 FPS)

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You do know these are/were not links to the games, as that would be in violation of forum rules? The links likely contained the emulator settings (ini) pre-configured for best performance which are now outdated considering the last post was over a year ago.
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