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To be honest it's damned amazing how fast the gba emu scene has reached this state of 'near' perfection, I mean look at BCA, DGBA, and VBA, these emus have extremely high compatibilty rates, they have SOUND, savestates, hell, VBA even has that niffty kreed engine. I mean the king of all emu's is zsnes, it does its job better then the snes of my dreams, but it took what the whole of like 4 years to get there. It's been a year for these emu's and loook what they can do. Man, those emu authors should be given small countries....................*cough*kill all afgans and give their country to these emu authors*cough*

no but seriously...............these guys deserve alot of respect and credit........if you'd asked me if in a year i would be playing golden sun with sound, full screen, and it looked better then the original on a gba emu, i woulda told u to check into a mental institution.

i say no we have not reached perfection................have we gotten to the level where the emu outdoes the system (in most aspects), i'd say yes.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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