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DreamGBA and BoycottAdvance are damn close to perfection for now...we have not run into a game that can't be played yet...we are sure that the new releases will simply fix minor graphics flaws, and add additional features along the way.

Then again GBA is still fairly new...and as new games are will the incorporation of new technologies...For example it took the SNES emulator ZSNES years to achieve perfection because of Nintendo's use of chip technology in their carts. The emu authors had to figure out workarounds for the C4 chip / DSP chip / Super FX chip / SDD1 chip and more....It wouldn't surprise us if this chip use resurfaced in GBA games in the future....

So while authors are pumpin out releases at an amazing rate...their work on perfection may be continuous...
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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