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Looking at the changes of the latest version (save fixes, transperency problems?) I'd say that the updates for this version are really minor ... but are we already reaching the status of perfect GBA emulation or are we still far away from it ?

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To be honest it's damned amazing how fast the gba emu scene has reached this state of 'near' perfection, I mean look at BCA, DGBA, and VBA, these emus have extremely high compatibilty rates, they have SOUND, savestates, hell, VBA even has that niffty kreed engine. I mean the king of all emu's is zsnes, it does its job better then the snes of my dreams, but it took what the whole of like 4 years to get there. It's been a year for these emu's and loook what they can do. Man, those emu authors should be given small countries....................*cough*kill all afgans and give their country to these emu authors*cough*

no but seriously...............these guys deserve alot of respect and credit........if you'd asked me if in a year i would be playing golden sun with sound, full screen, and it looked better then the original on a gba emu, i woulda told u to check into a mental institution.

i say no we have not reached perfection................have we gotten to the level where the emu outdoes the system (in most aspects), i'd say yes.

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DreamGBA and BoycottAdvance are damn close to perfection for now...we have not run into a game that can't be played yet...we are sure that the new releases will simply fix minor graphics flaws, and add additional features along the way.

Then again GBA is still fairly new...and as new games are will the incorporation of new technologies...For example it took the SNES emulator ZSNES years to achieve perfection because of Nintendo's use of chip technology in their carts. The emu authors had to figure out workarounds for the C4 chip / DSP chip / Super FX chip / SDD1 chip and more....It wouldn't surprise us if this chip use resurfaced in GBA games in the future....

So while authors are pumpin out releases at an amazing rate...their work on perfection may be continuous...

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I agree with Dark Whatcher. The writing of an emulator is an ongoing process. The GBA is in it's foodsteps now so we can definately find in the future some extra stuff like memory-enhancements, rumblepack, etc.

Also, the emu writing could for instance corrup a instance in the GBA emulation which results that certain games won't run which ran before ;)


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