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n64 is much more complex than a psx to emulate, even the psx was a much more kick-ass system. the saturn was also hard to emulate, and no one has successfully done it to the extent of the other consoles. wat jabo has done is revolutionary. hes been able to get games like majora mask working so well that only the smallest of gfx issues become an issue. perfect dark is ****ing hard to do....same with conker........and jet force gemeni, and diddy kong racing. plus theres hardly any documentation on the n64. i dont think there was any on sound.....which is wat make azimar, zilmar and jabo genius'........psx had documentation (not saying its esay to emulate), but without documentation u hav to practically encode the whole system. and thats a tough job. 1964 will eventually be the most technical due to its newly added 32-bit core (this is wats used in ultraHLE) and although this doesnt add to compatibility it means games like mario will run more accurately.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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