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people i need to find a thread

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it's topic is a show from the 70'
its soppose to have another meaning in the funny way (its a kids show but if ou listen carrfully its all about playing with your "balls")

i dont remmember the name and i've tried looking for it at every page but i cant find it. can you please find it for me?
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I didn't understand a word of what you said, so I must commend Keith for his incredible proficience in Engrish :p
gee thanks :p
i can speak english quiet well but my writing lacks proper grammar ^_^;
The search function doesn't work or something? Haha. I found it by searching "Funny TV Show". And boy was that ever funny or what!:lol:
The search function works but not as good as it should... some old threads can only be retrieved if you know who created them otherwise you can't get them via the search engine... or at least I couldn't.
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