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pentium 4 with vgs 1/2 works

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ok vgs doesnt run at all on a pentium 4, however the demo at aldotools does but who wants an emulator with no saves lol anyway has anyfound a way to saveon the demo, cause the full version (yes, even hacked) wont allow a p4 to play. has anyone tried turnin any settingsoff or slowing anything down to play on a p4? please someone write me. if the dump at aldostools can be hacked for saves ud be cool
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The only way that I know of to do this without hacking the game is using VirtualPC. I think, when you close virtualPC, it saves everything so when you start it up again evrything is the same. That way you could have one save state slot, and you could only play one game at a time. It sucks, but it is a round-a-bout patcy solution.
virtua pc

ok doesnt the connectix virtua pc just emulate like windows 98 95 etc. so tell me how to emulate it. buy virtua pc use it play my emu and save da virtua pc, not the emu cause it can u mean itd save at the exact screen how would i do it please help me. im willingg to buy it so i can play my games
Thats pretty much how it works. But don't go by that. This is just an "I Think". You should go confirm with someone else first. Also it is just a bandaid and doesn't reall solve the problem There are many disadvantages like you could only play one game at a time because if you switch to another you lose your save.
This is a problem, P4 won't work, but have you tried other emulator?
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