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Well,first of all,if you meant you want to buy a P4,then I'd advise you(as almost everyone will)to buy an Athlon,they're cheaper and better performer.

Now,if you were taling about buying Bleem! and ePSXe,you need to know that ePSXe is free and that Bleem! isn't worth the money anymore.

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If your an Intel only, type of guy, then get the P3. Stay away from that least until they turn it into a DDR platform (even then I'm not to sure, but I'll give it the benfit of the doubt).

I also recommend the Athlon-C (266FSB). They just have a better product, right now. Don't put your trust in the Mhz war that Intel is making. The 1.2 Athlon-C has a faster benchmark than the 1.6 P4.

I took off the SSE instruction benchmark, there are very, very, very few programs that take advantage of that optimization code for the P4.

Download Sandra and see how your computer stacks up.

The P4 is really a 100 Bus.....(times 4 thax to Rambus)
The Athlon C is really a 133 Bus....(times 2 thax to DDR)
Funny, that you don't hear too much about that compairson. You don't want Rambus, it has more faults than benfits. Looks good on the benchmarks and on paper, but not so good on actual applications.

As far as your question....I don't know...try searching the forum for other threads on the subject, your bound to find one.

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That Athlon really is a monter :D
But I heard somewhere about a HyperTransport Technology that will speed up thing quite a bit, so it's advisable to wait a while longer to upgrade the computer and buy a mobo with that tech.
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