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PEC on ePSXe 1.7.0

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PEC(Playstation Emulation Cheater), doesn't seem to work for me consistently, I had it working yesterday just fine, yes I did set it on the gfx plugin and check mark the codes and everything, then send cheats to plugin. I even double checked everything again, then reset the emulator and still, nothing, it just doesn't work at all on any one of the games. What am I doing wrong here? Or maybe its some error with the program. I never had a problem with this before.
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if you change the plugin after sending cheats, you need to send the cheats again.

also updating the codelist helps.
I had a different bug where I updated the codelist.inf but the ?? modifiers went to the wrong slots. Had to delete "psx emulation cheater\save.dat" and then I was good to go again. :shrug:
I'm not sure if people even go on these forums anymore but, I need help with's a simple problem really. When I try to set PSX Emulation Cheater as my video plugin on EPSXE it is not there...the file pec.dll is in my plugins folder and I thought that that would be whet made it appear. Can anyone help me with this?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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