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I tried to get PEC 2.5 to work with the game legend of the dragoon for the ePSXe v 1.6 & 1.7.

I have also looked up the gameshark codes for the game and put them into the user database section and still i cannot get any cheats to work with the game.

They transfer in, since it says transfering while clicking send cheats to plugin so i know they are being sent.

When the game comes up when starting ePSXe it shows "sony computer entertainment - Europe presents" then the game follows. I am not sure if this means that the ISO version of the game is European and the game shark codes only work for a non Europe version?

I have also swapped bios from SCPH1001.BIN to scph7502.bin to see if that made any difference and it didn't.The game runs well but i cannot figure out how to get any cheats to work for it using the ePSXe emulator and PEC as the cheat tool, anyone have an idea as to what the issue is?

some codes when i send for Legends Of The Dragoon cause ePSXe to bring up a window with "error running ePSXe" window which states
"SPEC opcode 3f UNK (PC 00000068)(0000005c) (27933,0)" or "SPEC opcode 3f UNK (PC 00000068)(0000005c) (2485,0)"

(I am able to use PEC for monster rancher 2 and the cheats work for that game when i used the user database and entered the gameshark codes i found for it, but i cannot get any cheats to work for the L.O.D.)
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