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I have a similar error when I try to use the StarDust cheats. They will load but when I go to check my inventory.... the game freezes. Every other code like the max stats and such work perfectly fine. Even all of the armed cheats work perfectly fine but the stardust codes do not work.

1 hit kill works perfectly fine but some cheats get deactivated such as the no random battles. I have to activate the cheats again for them to work. But the stardust code does not work. (I have a PS3. And I own the game so there shouldn't be a problem with that right? Even so I own a PS1... Its just not modded.)

But yeah I can't seem to get the stardust codes to work... It just freezes the game when I activate the code.

I will have to try it in the world map here in a sec see if it works....

(Checking it now...)

Nope it still freezes... GHAD DEMMIT! I want it to work but it just won't!


Oh well just don't use the stardust cheat. That error is the same error I get as well.

This one: SPEC opcode 3f UNK (PC 00000068)(0000005c) (27933,0)

But you said you have the european version of the game? I had a hard time trying to rip this game and it makes me mad that not only do I have to start all over again but I wish these codes would work because searching for the stardust stinks! I know there is guides but still... It is such a hassle!
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