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PDroms' coding competition was just closed, with an anouncement from kojote.
This year's theme was to make a homebrew logic/puzzle game (details).

Entries submitted:
- Droplets by Herman Samso (GBA)
- Clem the Retarded Elf 2 by Scott Lininger, Maxwell Saal (GBA)
- Factory Bots by Nicholas Scheltema (GBA)
- Poomania by Metalvotze (GBA)
- GemVenture (Beta) by by Tom Livak (NES)
- Gears Of Fate by Thor (NGPC)
- Skipp and Friends: Unexpected Journy by Mukunda Johnson (SNES)
- Shunting Puzzle by Philipp Klau Krause (ColecoVision)

These will be available for download later. GBA seems to have had the favor of homebrew game makers, this year.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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