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Well, xBRZ tries to "filter" FMVs as well, and since they're low res, with heavy blocking created by resolution upscaling, it will get very slow because of the real time/constant filtering process, depending on how "detailed" the scene is. One of the slowest intro FMVs for me, is the ones in Capcom games after Resident Evil 2, it was slow even without xBRZ. It will crash if xBRZ is too high (above x4 for me). But not only FMVs, during framebuffer effects as well, there's a random error message sometimes related to C++, other times a proper Pcsx error or something.

I like the look that xBR(Z) gives to games, but the many issues it has with the Tweak right now, make it almost unusable (after playing many games, only a few are really playable with xBRZ). I hope @tapeq comes back to the Tweaks sometime, his work on it was great. But that discussion would be better on the Tweaks thread, so @Thirteen1355, if you have any other doubts related to xBRZ, I would recommend asking there, since there's a better chance of tapeq looking at it (I guess).

Or maybe a small feature request to "turn off" xBRz during MDECs (or something), like "FasFBE" did for framebuffer effects, would be nice... Too hard maybe :p? (Give a 'Yay' for "FastFMV"!!)
"FastFMV" - yuck, better I will someday write proper TextureWindow emulation, but currently I have some health problems, so do not expect this soon :(


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You can check how PSX real texture cache works on nocash spec page - this behavior is emulated in Petes plugins, ie. plugin have paged cache and can quickly use texture parts.
Current upscaling in Tweak works simply on OpenGL level, hacking texture cache implementation is much better - textures will be always scaled only once and texture parts will be cut from upscaled textures so no need for FastFBE etc.

About my health problems - I have (warning - google translated so can be wrong) chronic gastritis and some narrowings in the esophagus and the stomach, I have consultation with another doctor on Tuesday, is possible that I need a surgery. I already loosed about 14kg in about half a year :(

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I'm quite enjoying the PGXP builds and I love the look of the xBR filter, but it produces some black line artifacts. For example in FF7 the hand coursor is not filtered and looks terrible. In Vagrant Story the HP/MP-numbers have these black lines.

Is there a fix for this or just the way xBR is implemented?

This is xBRZ scaler problem with transparent pixels. xBRZ is complicated scaler so write to @Zenju (xBRZ author) about fixing this.

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ResHack is for this. Values overrides "Internal X/Y Resolution" from settings.
Pete use 2 x index (where index is value in combobox), with check if(yres == 6) yres = 8, so:
[internal resolution option in plugin dialog] - [render surface size] - [real internal res multiplier]
0,0 - 1024x512 - 1x1
1,1 - 2048x1024 - 2x2
2,2 - 4096x2048 - 4x4
2,3 - 4096x4096 - 4x8

You can use bigger values, recommended are set already.

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Awesome video! Can you tell me how you managed to have texture filtering enable with PGXP ?

This is what I have without filtering :

And this with 2xSal:

First - video is from libretro(ie. RetroArch) not from PCSX.
Second - do NOT use xBRZ + SAL - this will terrible break textures, check original Petes Tweak thread for more info. (I think you need to disable FBE fallback to nearest).

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Hi, I'm extremely interested in this. I am intrigued about the possibility of enhancing the console's capabilities like PGXP is doing. I tried to compile the source on Debian and it appears to be broken(I can post output if desired). Are there any working Linux builds with the tweaked plugin? The plugin source appears to only be buildable on Windows.
Few points:
  1. Tweak uses many hard-coded pointers to original OpenGL2 plugin code so you need change addresses of all of those to point to correct code in Linux plugin.
  2. Dynamic linking in Linux is different but main idea that Tweak uses to wrap original plugin should work.
  3. There also is difference in handling OpenGL because context is different (WGL vs GLX) so code for options like V-Sync handling, detecting V-RAM size etc. needs to be rewritten.
I think #1 is hardest one because you need some reverse engineering skills for that.

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PCSXR-PGXP 2019-03-06 + Common Plugins + Common Shaders + edgbla GPU Blade 1.64

you may need to install these libs to the emulator and all plugins to work:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable Package (x86)

DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) [DirectX 9]

the emulator needs to be started by the script (!) present in the same folder as the emulator to open the gpuBlade 1.64 GUI.

(!) "open-pcsxr-pgxp-with-edgbla-support.cmd"

PCSXR-PGXP-2019-08-28-CPCS (changelog)
º <there was no change of the emulator pcsxr-pgpx 2019-03-06>
º <there is no BIOS in this file. try: scph1001.bin>
º include gpuBladeSoft-1.64-Windows-x86 and its libraries (1)
º include ddraw wrapper for gpuPeopsSoft119_Refresh.dll (2)
º include memcard parsers (3)
º include script to backup registry settings (4)
º updated script to open edgbla gui
º updated PCSX2 GSdx video plugin
º updated default settings for GSdx
º updated default settings for PGXP
º updated default settings for gpuBladeSoft

(2) the ddraw wrapper doesn't work with gpuPeopsSoft118b.dll
(2) the ddraw wrapper doesn't work with gpuPeteDX6D3D177.dll
(2) the ddraw wrapper doesn't work with gpuPeteDX7D3D177.dll
(2) the ddraw wrapper add opengl bilinear shader to 1.19 Refresh
(2) the ddraw wrapper is already set up (ddraw.ini)
(2) just rename or delete pcsxr-pgxp\ddraw.dll to disable it
(2) the wrapper ships OFF because it is named DXGL-ddraw.dll
(2) to make it work change the name "DXGL-ddraw.dll" to "ddraw.dll"
(2) version 0.5.16

there is a folder "a list of suggestions in png" with the safest settings that I know. they are not the fastest. to gain speed disable "Configuration, CPU..., Enable Interpreter Cpu", but you will lost stability with Front Mission 3.

when enabled the ddraw wrapper with the use of gpuPeopsSoft119_Refresh.dll, it will run with OpenGL bilinear shader and will have the same visual quality as ePSXe GPU Core in native resolution with bilinear filter.

gpuPeopsSoft119_Refresh.dll vanilla
View attachment 201050

gpuPeopsSoft119_Refresh.dll plus dxgl ddraw
View attachment 201051

ePSXe GPU Core with "Screen filtering"
View attachment 201052

PCSXR-PGXP with OpenGL gpuPeteOpenGL2Tweak.dll and 2xBRZ (?)
View attachment 201053

(?) for this result you must make 2 changes to the configuration file:

at "PCSXR-PXGP\ini\gpuPeteOpenGL2Tweak.ini"
change: "xBRZScale = 1" to "xBRZScale = 2"
and change: "ForceNearest = true" to "ForceNearest = false"

I publish with xBRZ disabled because, at least on the old computers I have access to, in some games xBRZ produces distorted images like the one below.

Amored Core (USA) (v1.1)
View attachment 201054

I don't know how to solve it any other way, so I disable it.

if with your hardware, you don't get any glitch let me know. tell me your OS and GPU.


virus total: 1/55

clarification: I am not responsible for creating any tools present in this file. I just created a zipped package fill with what I find convenient for single download mainly by the lay public.


EDIT: I should have used the Cyrez (user of the forum) build, I'm doing some testing now with Gran Turismo 2, and in situations where the original emulator produces 40 fps, I'm getting 44 fps through the optimized Cyrez build. I've used it for many months, though, without making comparisons, and I know it's safe.
Nice pack, but missing libexpat for running gpuBladeSoft config.
I took latest libraries from msys2 mingw i686, they are here, you can include them:
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